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Medic Camp @ Ladang Kamsing

Date : 18 August 2010

The Medical Camp was held recently at the Dewan Orang Ramai, No.53, Indian Settlement, Batu 8, Jalan UIA Gombak, Kg Ladang Kamsing, Gombak.

The Medical Camp objectives is:

  • To provide medical screening/consultations and meditations (where necessary at their vicinity)
  • To increase awareness of basic hygiene and preventive care.
  • To determine the disease(s) afflicting the community and assess their most pressing medical need.

Screening stations were set up within the community hall where 125 individuals were tested for blood pressure, blood glucose, body mass index, visual acuity and colour blindness. After the screening procedures, residents were checked by one of the four Doctors and treated accordingly. Patients were also referred to the nearest hospital where indicated.

Both the youth centers from MIC and Umno assisted in setting up the tents and provided tables and chairs for the volunteers providing food, drinks, gifts and hampers to all the residents.

The medical camp identified more than normal number of diabetics, hypertensives, obese and overweight individuals as well as residents deficient in vision.

Miliee Kassim

Executive Trustee
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