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S’gor Chief of Police’s Wife & Police Wives Association

Selangor Chief of Police’s wife and the policemen’s wives association came by our Puchong Tadika and distributed sweets and goodie bags to more than 50 children. Our tadika has been growing in numbers and we are now in the midst of looking for a new premise to house our lovely children. Our present premise is getting too small.

The children are truly adorable and the ladies were extremely impressed with the children’s performance. The Puchong Police Dept has now pledged to assist us in conducting courses for our older children since gangsterism is quite rampant in this area. We are overjoyed to be recognized by them as one of the NGOs that truly contributed to the society.

Thank you so much for your generous support without which we will not be able to carry on our work.


The Foundation believes that every child is entitled to a quality education and is determined to play a leading role in providing equitable access to lifelong quality education for all children.


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