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Cherishing dairy moments


Magnolia Milk Mooves Malaysia nationwide campaign rekindled cherished memories of dairy products as parents and children participated in fun and educational activities while enjoying Magnolia milk.

The three-week campaign, organised in conjunction with the World Milk Day, received overwhelming response at more than 40 shopping and retail centres nationwide as families came to celebrate and recognise the goodness of milk as a key and trusted source of nourishment and growth.

“There is nothing more special than the memorable dairy moments with our family when we spend quality time together and clearly enjoy being in each other’s company,” said F&N; Dairies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd RTD Milk head Van Toh Peng.

“From childhood, adulthood and through parenthood and beyond, milk nourishes and refreshes our lives.

“It’s vital that we maintain milk in our daily diets. It gives us the nutrients to be a healthier person and provides long-term benefits to help develop our physical and mental abilities to its full potential.

“Through this awareness initiative, we hope to share the value and importance of family bonding as well as natural goodness of milk as a timeless pleasure that can be enjoyed at any age,” she added.

The Magnolia Milk Mooves Malaysia campaign aimed to engage, entertain, educate and reward the consumers while rediscovering one of Malaysia’s most recognisable and cherished dairy brands through fun and engaging activities.

The parents and children had a blast participating in the creatively designed Milk Mooves Journey which consists of experiential and engagement activities focusing on the elements of Play, Learn and Motivate under the guidance of Magnolia staff.

In addition to educating the public on the benefits of drinking milk regularly and partaking in fun physical activities, the campaign also aimed to create meaningful engagement by encouraging customers to choose from a selection of books to be donated to Kassim Chin Humanity Foundation (KCHM) upon purchase of Magnolia.

Besides selecting the books for donation, the participants were also encouraged to pen motivational and inspirational messages to their peers at KCHM.

About 400 books were collected through the campaign and F&N; Dairies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd will hand over the books and encouraging messages to KCHM to provide access to new books and deliver positive energy for children in need.


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