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Educating the poor is a top social issue for the 21st Century according to Nobel laureate Gary Becker, University Professor of Economics and of Sociology. Whether it is charter schools or some other form, we haven’t had any vocational school that would look into the welfare of the children in the Asian countries.


In this respect, Kassim Chin Humanity Foundation aims to set up the ASIAN INTERNATIONAL VOCATIONAL CENTRE for children of the disadvantage group from the age of 15 years onwards, to empower them with skills that will see them through their adult life. Through this Foundation we hope to be the forefront of global literacy efforts, keeping literacy high by providing basic education to Children from impoverished countries.

Malaysia is renowned for her education excellence and does not experience the kind of poverty found in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. The aim of the foundation is to provide educational opportunity through vocational training to these children of the poor Asian countries first so that they can go on to make a contribution to their communities when they grow up.

Hence, this is an excellent opportunity for the foundation to spearhead this humanitarian drive in educating and equipping the underprivileged children around this region with a skill set. The children we select are in countries where the alternative to school is often in foul condittions and because of poverty it forces inordinate responsibility on the shoulders of these children.

To these children it is difficult to escape the vicious circle of poverty with no opportunities around them. The foundation will offer education to these children in these communities so that they can transform this vicious circle into one that provides opportunity and are encouraged to help educate the next generations of disadvantage children who would be in the same situation they once faced themselves demonstrating their social commitment after they graduated from the centre.


This will be a school for the underprivileged children from the age of 15 years onwards. Many of these children do not fare well in their studies and many were not given a chance. Hence, this school is set to empower them with skills that will see them through their adult life. Eventually, with hard work and faith, they will become entrepreneurs themselves and in turn they too can change lives.

A 26-acre piece of land located in Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia is being allocated for the setting up of an international vocational boarding school for the poor and needy children from the Asean region.

Kelantan is one of the poorest states in Malaysia but geographically it is very strategically located near Thailand and other neighbouring Asean countries. This is a family owned land which will be donated to the Foundation. One of Malaysia’s renowned architects, Hijjas Kasturi, is spearheading the design and concept for this school together with his team of landscape architects. He will be overlooking the construction of this eco-friendly building complete with open space for the children to play and work.

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The Foundation believes that every child is entitled to a quality education and is determined to play a leading role in providing equitable access to lifelong quality education for all children.


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